We Create Aspirational Digital Experiences for Lifestyle Brands We Love

This is our Playbook

We are Verbal+Visual. We partner with lifestyle brands to create beautiful digital solutions. We don’t just build websites; we build businesses. We build digital experiences which are integrated into organizations so they can communicate with customers, tell their brand story, and streamline complex processes. We build sites which become the digital arm of their business.

This is our playbook. It’s the foundation for why we work here and how we make an impact on the world.

Inside Verbal+Visual

The foundation of who we are and why we do what we do.

We’re born & bred in New York City, with an extreme focus on passion over profit. We scour the globe for companies who sell high quality, ethically produced products, as well as those who have a deep desire to positively impact the world.

Our Process

Our process entails a strong foundation rooted in strategy.

Our process begins by identifying companies within our target audience: retailers with high quality products and a positive entrepreneurial spirit. Once a brand decided to work with Verbal+Visual, we begin with a deep seeded Strategy phase. During this phase we learn about your industry and company, identifying strengths and weakness, and highlighting areas of opportunity. Following the Strategy phase, we cross pollinate Visual Design, User Experience, Content, and Technology to build a beautiful and effective digital platform. The platform then goes through the Launch phase, with user testing, browser testing, and overall quality assurance at the forefront before going live. Following the Launch phase, we implement an Optimization plan to ensure a healthy and successful platform over the long term, ensuring continued growth and improvement for every company we work with.

Project Management

We're collaborative partners with all of our clients.

We want our clients to feel involved in every step of the process, with all decision makers involved at key points. We have a streamlined process and are always willing to be flexible to our client requests. Our goal is to make the project experience fun and engaging for all parties involved, and create a digital experience we can all be proud of.

Our Stack

We're Shopify Plus & RoR Experts

We use a limited amount of technologies and platforms in a purposeful fashion. This ensures consistency and depth of knowledge of each platform that we use. The core of our stack is Shopify Plus and Ruby on Rails. Since Shopify Plus is built on Rails, we’re able to build native and smoothly running applications which tie directly into the Shopify Plus framework. For content-driven sites, we utilize Wordpress and the Angular front-end framework to create smooth brand experiences.

Our Network

Tap into our powerful network

When you work with Verbal+Visual, you gain access to the LFSTYL Collective, a group of agencies with complimentary skill sets and similar clientele. Each member of LFSTYL has expertise ranging from branding & packaging to photography, videography, PR, and digital marketing. As a Verbal+Visual client, you can leverage the expertise of our technical and design talent and also gain valuable introductions to help your business’ growth.

In addition, we often find that during a project our client has even more specific needs such as 3D renderings, consultants, access to influencers, etc. Since our inception, partnerships with talented companies and freelancers have been at the forefront of our initiatives to help our clients grow their businesses. We want our clients to be successful in all facets of their business, so if we aren't experts in a particular area, we'll refer you to the appropriate expert immediately.

Visit the LFSTYL Collective to learn more.


Thank you for reading our playbook.

When we’re building any digital presence, we follow this playbook to ensure we produce the highest quality work. We build businesses that matter. We create great.

We look forward to working with you, whether it be as a client or as a team member. Explore more at verbalplusvisual.com or contact us at hello@verbalplusvisual.com.